Be more Productive in Cadence: the useful Keyboard shortcuts or Keybinds

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2018)

Here I will resume the most useful keyboard shortcuts or boundkey to use Cadence Virtuoso in an effective and fast manner. Learning bindkeys is the best way to be productive on this complex EDA tool.





f Fit to screen. Autozoom the schematic to the size of your window

i insert an instance from the library

add a wire

m move tool


u undo an action

q edit parameters of the selected instance

l   label a wire

Shift+X Check + Save the schematic

ESC   unselect the actual tool



Shift+mouse scroll scroll the schematic horizontally

Ctrl+mouse scroll

Z or select a region with right mouse button zoom into a box with the mouse

Shift +E  –> descend to an inner level (e –> descend to an inner level only read)

Cntrl +E –> ascend or exit to a upper level

less used

P add a pin

Other tricks

By pressing Control key, and removing a component from the wires.

Look at the button of the window for moue shortcuts with the mouse buttons:


Ctrl+R reload or update the plots with new data

h new Horizontal marker

v new Vertical marker

m new point marker

Ctrl+E delete all the markers


Ctrl+mouse scroll Y-scale zoom

Shift+mouse scroll Time-scale zoom


K measure distance

F4 change between selecting edges or polygones

E  options

R add a rectangle

Ctrl+F or Shift+F switch between visible and invisible instance layouts

Space bar switch between layer at routing

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