My Final Thesis about Multicopter

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2018)

I recently noticed that my diplom thesis is available online on the university repository.

The topic of this thesis is “Design, construction and control of a hexacopter in a testing platform“. It was written back in the 2012 and things in the world of multicopter have changed rapidly. You can download the pdf (in spanish)

It was fun to develop a hexacopter, almost from scratch. The design process was:

  • Select a multicopter type: Hexacopter (due payload and redundancy)
  • Search for an hexacopter frame
  • Design the correct pair motors-propellers with Drive-calculator
  • Design the power management, batteries and estimated fly-time
  • Set up a wireless communication protocol
  • Write a datalog on the flash memory
  • Understand the flying theory for hexacopters
  • Program the ArduPilot controller with c-code
  • Test on different platforms: 1 axis and 2 axis platform

The testing platforms were:

2 motors seesaw-type control
one axis balancer with 4 motors
Full 2 axis of freedom platform



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